What do we do

Bruni Giorgio & amp; Ivo S.R.L. is able to study together with the client, the image to be developed, and create a detailed program of the works that ensures a control of the budget and time of execution of the work. It employs qualified technicians for construction management, executive planning and technical advice.

We provide a project management, from the project idea to the initial planning, through the realization and the management of the project, the completion of the construction up to the completion of the work.

We provide a real quality program, from the definition of the final objective to the development of the preliminary program and the definition of the executive program. Sensitive to the evolution of the market, we give the customer the best existing technology at all times. Both the structure, the system, and the furniture, we are taken care of in detail, giving rise to a finished product, in all its components, technologically and qualitatively advanced and according to the schedule of pre-established times.

We offer a full range of professional construction services

Including construction management, design / construction and general contractor.

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