“Interporto Toscano Amerigo Vespucci”

Office Building – Freight Hub - Livorno

This project involved the working plan and execution of an office building located inside the Livorno Freight Hub.
Total volume built is 21,900 cu. metres, the internal gross surface is equal to 6,000 sq. metres.

All decisions made concerning architectural and structural aspects were aimed at guaranteeing the highest future flexibility of internal partitions, and also making it possible to change the uses to different ones from those originally planned. The marshy land and the landfill required have made it necessary to build the foundations on poles. Above land, the structure develops upwards with a framework of reinforced concrete load bearing elements formed by pillars, partitions and beams to which an external portico of a painted hot galvanized steel structure is connected. The continuous glass and aluminum facades allow changes in internal partitions. The raised floors have PVC tiles and make it easy to access and modify the electrical wiring. The building has only one methane gas thermal power station placed indoors next to the stairwell. Ceiling fan-coils with refrigerating units on the roof are used to provide the offices with air conditioning. The south side glass windows are protected with painted hot galvanized steel sun louvres, it has a 30° inclination to the horizontal plane and can support a number of photovoltaic panels.

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